Monday, August 25, 2008

Kim and Carl do it in style...

i get VERY EXCITED, often goosebumps too, when i finally get to see my clients' wedding photos- it's a real warm, fuzzy feeling of achievement, a reward for all the hard work and long hours my team and i spend creating a Couture wedding gown, and a beautiful & happy ending to a friendship made between the bride and all of us here at Culture Shock... it's also often the first time i get to see the lucky bloke they end up marrying, too!

So let me introduce you to Kim and Carl, who celebrated their wedding earlier this year in Sydney, beautifully photographed by Guy Lerner at Guy Lerner Photography...

We created Kim's fabulous 2-piece Culture Shock Couture wedding gown from a fabulous vintage kimono we sourced together online ( a great way to go kimono shopping without leaving your keyboard!). Being a beautifully pale-skinned bride who wasn't into the often unflattering "white wedding look", the rich bold effect of black silk spliced together with the fab red/white kimono worked wonderfully against the industrial backdrop of their harbourside pier location. AND we're sure that Kim will be able to wear her fabulous wedding frock again and again... Just goes to show that breaking with bridal tradition can look amazing, and be so much fun to wear, too !!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sparkling new website updates!

Websites are like paintings - no matter how much you work on them, they are never quite "finished" ... there is always more you want to add, change, improve or tinker with (perhaps the same goes for blogs, too...)

So, after several weeks of writing, editing, collecting wedding photos from my recent clients, and defining exactly what my label Culture Shock is all about, i am very pleased to announce my website is now fully updated, and that i am really, really excited about it!

i have revamped my PHOTO GALLERY section, with lots of fab new examples of our most recent "Couture Bridal" Gowns, and added a whole new gallery of "Inspirational Themes" which i hope will assist in inspiring brides to think outside the square, and step away from the outdated big white meringue look! Within these sections, I've added new photos from 2 recent photo shoots i did with Nicole Ritchie (awesome photographer!) and my latest obsession- fabulous bespoke hats made by the talented milliner Sandie Bizys, which complete the look with a dash of fun and old-school Hollywood glam.

in my NEWS section, i've added some "Testimonials" from a diverse range of my bridal clients over the past 6 odd years, with photos to show just who is saying what about Culture Shock... Also in NEWS, i have offered a group of downloadable PDF's, with articles i have written myself, containing loads of helpful tips and advice from the perspective of an excitable Sydney wedding gown designer who loves to share her knowledge and passion about all things bridal fashion!

so, if you haven't done so already, check out my website, and feel free to email or comment on it... i love to hear feedback!
xx lisa