Sunday, December 21, 2008

BEST OF 2008 - Merry Christmas from Culture Shock!

How quickly has this year flown by?

As i recall all the wonderful "Culture Shock" brides that we have had the pleasure of dressing thru 2008, here are a few personal highlights (in no particular order...)

* A lovely Norwegian bride whose gown we decorated with a traditional Norwegian embroidered ribbon waistband (which she painstakingly hand-stitched herself), and finished with an antique brooch from her Grandmothers wedding....DIVINE!

* Our always-smiling, nature-loving & very funky client whose bridal corset-mini-dress we designed especially for her, in white silk, then dip-dyed in bright lime green and sunny yellow, so that she was like a little Aussie"bush-baby" for her garden wedding - the result was FUN, FLIRTY & FABULOUS - and it fitted her personality, setting & theme just perfectly!

* Our beautiful Tasmanian client whose wedding took place on her own organic farm in rural Tassie, by a small riverbed containing several platypus, who were seen by the guests playing in the water during the ceremony- aaawwwwww!!!! How very Australian is that?

* The highest number EVER of interstate & international clients who flew to Sydney especially for us - planning their flights to visit the Culture Shock studio for fittings with whatever other excuses to come to Sydney they could muster- shopping trips, business trips, visiting friends and family - or just solely to visit Culture Shock! A special thanks to all those globe-trotting, jet-setting brides, it's always a pleasure & we trust it was worth the early morning starts and extra travelling time! The world is definitely getting smaller...

* Our fun-loving, bold, curvaceous and retro-inspired bride who cleverly blended her love of the 40's AND 50's with her "victory-rolls" hair-do, funky Fifties Obi frock, red petticoat and fabulous red peep-toe shoes - you looked AWESOME, Miss N.....

* So many "East Meets West" inspired brides who embraced my love of Japan, and allowed me to mix splashes of RED amongst the ivory and whites, to create wedding gowns that celebrate Asian cultures as well as our own - and allowed me to delve deeply into my vintage Kimono & Obi collections.

* Likewise with my Indian-inspired bridal clients - we created some amazing & totally unique wedding gowns from rich, exquisitely-coloured Sari's this year, including bold purple, deep turquoise and brilliant aqua, plus the ever-popular reds, all mixed back with whites and ivories to stunning effect - and we hope these gowns will be worn again to Xmas/ NYE parties very soon!

* If there was one look that dominated my brides this year, despite the diverse range of styles we create - it would have to be the GRECIAN GODDESS look! And to make that happen - soooooo many never-ending hours of pinning, hand-rusching, draping, hand-stitching and french-seaming layer upon layer of sheer silk georgette and chiffon- thank goodness my beautiful & immensely talented & experienced staff ALL have such nimble fingers!

So as i wave goodbye to 2008, yet another creative, inspiring & rewarding year for Culture Shock, i now take my hat off to my FABULOUS, patient, caring and very dear team of expert staff, who work with me here in the studio, weaving their magic and making my crazy ideas come to life and look so good on each and every client - ladies, without you, there would be no gowns, no Culture Shock, and no fun ....A HEARTFELT THANK YOU SHERRY, JOAN, SABINA, EVE, POLI and LINDA, for a job VERY VERY WELL DONE!

AND a BIG, warm and very special thanks to all our beautiful brides ... here's to a SPLENDID year in 2009, have a magical Christmas,

love from Lisa xx

Monday, December 8, 2008

Soft and Flowy, Grecian Goddess RULES!

I've noticed so many more brides these days wanting "lighter" wedding gowns... made from fabrics that are lighter in weight, styling that's softer and more flowing than the traditional corsetry-style gowns, less restrictive construction, and of course - more COMFY!
I guess this need for wedding dresses that don't weigh more than the bride who wears them is due to several reasons:-

a)- Global warming! Who wants to be hot 'n' sweaty on their big day under multiple layers of thich, heavy fabric?
b)- "Bridget Jones" undies - whether we like them or not, the Nancy Ganz-type of super-stretchy shapewear and control lingerie (aka- "foundation lingerie") out on the market these days REALLY WORKS! So it now enables brides to rely less on corsetry in a wedding gown, and gives women the choice of having lighter-weight gowns and much more comfort in the lingerie dept, whilst still getting a great silhouette, flat tummy and nipped-in waist.

c)- Beautiful, soft, flowing gowns using sheer fabrics look SOOOOO romantic, whimsical, elegant and classic... the ethereal "Grecian Goddess" inspired look is definitely here to stay, as seen at every glamorous Awards ceremony this year... and you DON'T have to be a size 6 to rock this look!

I recently did a fabulous photo shoot to showcase my Grecian-inspired Couture bridal gowns... & as you can see, we created some beautiful looks on the day! Big thanks to the super-talented team that worked hard to create these images with me on a Sunday afternoon- Dario Gardiman the photographer, Simone and Claire the fab make-up artists, Jack the hair stylist and our gorgeous models Alicia and Zara - stay tuned as these images (and more) will shortly be appearing in more detail on my website, too!

ciao, xx lisa