Monday, June 30, 2008

to blog or not to blog?

Hello, my name is Lisa, and i am the designer and owner of Culture Shock.... it's a funky and highly original Couture Bridal label based in Sydney, Australia. Check out my website on

Wow- i feel like a child taking it's first delicate little tiny steps.... into the brave new world of The Blog! i am very much a toddler at this early stage, though (or am i still crawling!??!) ... a slightly techno-phobic wedding gown designer such as myself is not always equipped with the kind of technical wizardry that may be necessary for this kind of thing! goes.. wish me luck!

In my blog i'll be sharing tips on designer wedding gown styles, how to choose a wedding gown design that suits you best, beautiful bridal fabrics and the hottest new trends associated with bridal gowns and all things wedding and fashion-related! Plus photos from my Culture Shock fashion shoots, and sneak previews of my latest bridal designs, and much more! so, stay tuned.... cheers, Lisa....aka Culture Shock Creative!


Bride Magazine said...

Welcome to the fabulous world of Blogging!
Looking forward to seeing your latest amazing creations and hearing all about what your inspirations are.

Kirstie from BRIDE

culture shock creative said...

thanks Kirstie!!! have just figured out how to add photos and change colours of very cool!!! thanks a million for introducing this newfangled thingy to much FUN! xxx lisa

daoxiaoke said...

great article!!