Monday, December 8, 2008

Soft and Flowy, Grecian Goddess RULES!

I've noticed so many more brides these days wanting "lighter" wedding gowns... made from fabrics that are lighter in weight, styling that's softer and more flowing than the traditional corsetry-style gowns, less restrictive construction, and of course - more COMFY!
I guess this need for wedding dresses that don't weigh more than the bride who wears them is due to several reasons:-

a)- Global warming! Who wants to be hot 'n' sweaty on their big day under multiple layers of thich, heavy fabric?
b)- "Bridget Jones" undies - whether we like them or not, the Nancy Ganz-type of super-stretchy shapewear and control lingerie (aka- "foundation lingerie") out on the market these days REALLY WORKS! So it now enables brides to rely less on corsetry in a wedding gown, and gives women the choice of having lighter-weight gowns and much more comfort in the lingerie dept, whilst still getting a great silhouette, flat tummy and nipped-in waist.

c)- Beautiful, soft, flowing gowns using sheer fabrics look SOOOOO romantic, whimsical, elegant and classic... the ethereal "Grecian Goddess" inspired look is definitely here to stay, as seen at every glamorous Awards ceremony this year... and you DON'T have to be a size 6 to rock this look!

I recently did a fabulous photo shoot to showcase my Grecian-inspired Couture bridal gowns... & as you can see, we created some beautiful looks on the day! Big thanks to the super-talented team that worked hard to create these images with me on a Sunday afternoon- Dario Gardiman the photographer, Simone and Claire the fab make-up artists, Jack the hair stylist and our gorgeous models Alicia and Zara - stay tuned as these images (and more) will shortly be appearing in more detail on my website, too!

ciao, xx lisa


Sez said...

I would add to that:

d) Dancing and "getting down"! Floaty gowns are much easier and look better for the audience, if the groom can actually embrace his bride for the first dance. Not get held at arms length by the hooped skirt.

And when everyone joins the happy couple on the dance floor, the bride can get funky in style without the fear of knocking someone over with her dress :-)

Bombchell said...

wow those are gorgeous!

Leah said...

These are exactly the kind of dress that I want to get for my wedding next summer. Who made the dress in the very first picture? It's exactly what I want. Thanks!

Vesna said...

I have been looking high and low for a "Grecian" style wedding dress, pratically pulling out my hair. Origianally I was going to go for a "Demetrios".

I loved viewing culture shocks site and the first thing I did was ring up my fiance and demanded him to take me to Leichardt!

I will have to make an appointment with you next month and I am looking forward to you helping me feel like a Greek Goddess.


Mae said...

Hi! My fiance and I are planning our wedding right now, and I came across the ivory dress with the blonde model and just fell in love! Where can I buy this? Can I get more information on it?? Thank you so much!!!!


surprisa soprano said...

This is amazing, Lisa!!! It looks like a painting! :)

Anonymous said...

where is the forehead band from that the model is wearing in the first picture