Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glam Awards Fever - my fave looks!

I always get so excited with the US Awards season - it's fashion overload!!! The hype & the TV coverage is so over-the-top (but entertaining in a voyeuristic way!), and seeing which stars choose which designers is a sport in itself!! This year i was pretty impressed with the vast array of different looks, themes, fabrics and styles embraced by the glamorous celebs - and its so good to see a continuation of COLOUR favoured over basic black. The gorgeous jewel-coloured gowns just POP in photos, and really do look so much more flattering and memorable than the drab black dresses these days.

After looking at THE ultimate fashion website, , here is my personal selection of gowns i loved most from the Globes & the Oscars, all of which i can imagine brides being inspired by.

It's great to see women of all ages, shapes and sizes looking SO FABULOUS on the red carpet - of course they have a support team of stylists, beauty professionals, major design houses willing to loan amazing Couture gowns & jewels & accessories for free, in return for the PR... but hey, that's entertainment!

If only we all had more opportunities to frock up and wear full-length gowns (sigh) - here in Australia our lifestyle is so relaxed and casual, but thankfully we can still glam up for WEDDINGS (whether we are guests or in the bridal party) and enjoy the pleasures of feeling like a Hollywood Star for a day!

My faves - at the Golden Globes - Mo'Nique, Maggie, our own adorable Toni Collette, Diane Kruger and Drew... fab gowns, fab colours, their gowns suited their figures, looks and personalities to perfection!

My faves - at the Oscars - Sandra Bullock in silver Marchesa, SJP in Chanel (controversial - but i loved it!!!), Helen Mirren, as always she looked just divine (in Badgley Mischka), Gabourney in her Marchesa gown rocked it, Elizabeth banks in Atalier Versace was tres chic, and Anna Kendrick's softest pink Elie Saab gown was absolutely BEAUTIFUL - a stunning shape and so perfectly made, so delicate and feminine and just breathtaking - wow!! Til next time, xx Lisa

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