Friday, July 18, 2008

Dreamtime dinner with a President!

OK, so i am going to brag a little... sorry, i just can't help myself, it's so exciting!?!!
Tonight, my dear friend and former Miss World Australia, the lovely Caroline Pemberton, is off to the Opera House in Sydney to attend a gala black tie function... dressed in a fabulous couture Culture Shock gown!
Due to her wonderful and very dedicated fund-raising work in East Timor during the 2007 Miss World competition, Caroline met and befriended a very famous East Timorese leader, the Nobel Peace Laureate President José Ramos-Horta. Tonight Caroline will be accompanying Mr Ramos-Horta to a special dinner at the famous Sydney Opera House, and she'll be proudly wearing our black silk "Dreamtime Gown", as pictured.

My team and i created this one-off couture gown last year especially for Caroline to wear to the Miss World finals in China. The authentic Aboriginal dot painting was meticulously handpainted onto the silk by a very talented indigenous artist, Yarramunua. This gown has also been worn by Caroline at the Melbourne Grande Prix last year, and always grabs attention due to the colourful artwork, her gorgeously curvey figure, and of course the "spirit of reconciliation" in modern Australia, which i think this gown helps to represent. Yarramunua is having an art exhibition in Melbourne of his work in September, and this stunning creation will be travelling to the exhibition to be displayed as part of his body of work - i'll be heading down there to say G'day to him with dress in hand! xxx lisa


Lomandra said...

I love that gown! And I am very jealous of Caroline. If I am ever having dinner with a Nobel Peace Laureate you must make me a culture shock gown too, Lisa!

Love the blog and can't wait for more culture shock news :)

Anny said...

What an amazing design on such a beautiful gown... and how inspirational this is for Aboriginal women - and people in general. I can only dream that one day i might be able to wear such an elegant gown.... thank you Yarramunua - you are our chief fashion designer.. Anny xxo