Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Haute Couture Heaven!

Hooray - it's that time of year again....the July Haute Couture shows in Paris and Milan -
W O W !!! i've just been online to check out the latest from the world's greatest fashion designers of today - eternally cool Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, the amazing John Galliano at Dior, my multi-culti fave Jean Paul Gaultier, glam man Elie Saab, and the list goes on.... check it out at

Every year in January & July, the European Haute Couture shows are held, and whether they admit it or not, fashion designers around the world look to Paris & Milan to see what these masters are creating, for inspiration, direction and new ideas. Colours, new fabrics & textures, new ways of working with pleating, embroidery, draping, etc, are all on show here, the absolute best of the best. The collections are , of course, exaggerated versions of what most people will actually end up wearing in a year or two from now (yes, it often takes that long for a new trend to be accepted by the general public!) but it's always impressive and often mind-blowing to see the new concepts of beauty and fashion...the sheer amount of work that goes into each artisan- made creation (Couture gowns sell from USD$20,000 and upwards!) with such fine tailoring, magnificent patternmaking and cutting, and legendary craftsmanship... oh, it brings tears to my eyes! I LOVE FASHION!!!!! xx lisa