Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Gowns with a touch of COLOUR!

A bit of excitement and action here in my studio this morning....the "Sunday Telegraph" newpaper just visited me, photographing & interviewing a bridal client of mine, on a story about "Colourful Wedding Dresses" and the fact that these days, more & more brides are wearing non-white bridal gowns.

This very subject is something that i have a keen & rather passionate interest in.... in fact, the whole basis for my label "Culture Shock" is to provide brides with a colourful alternative to the traditional white "meringue"!!!

I really believe that these days, alongside certain wedding traditions we can also add a dash of individualism, personality and fun - and the wedding dress is a perfect chance to express these wishes. A FABULOUS & stylishly coloured wedding gown can make a great statement of who you are, what you like, your passions, and how you'd like your family, friends and especially your partner to "see" you. Of course, it can also reflect your cultural heritage (or that of your partner of families), or perhaps a culture you adore, such as the Exotic lands of Asia, or fascinating India with it's rich textiles and wild colours.

For many of my bridal clients, we create a unique wedding gown in white or ivory silk, then add just a subtle dash of colour, like a soft pastel japanese OBI waistband, or perhaps a beautiful cropped kimono jacket over a "white wedding dress". This way, they are giving a nod to tradition (the white or ivory) but also adding a personal touch which is also more flattering to their skin tones (the dash of colour) and we're creating a memorable and individual wedding gown that all the guests will LOVE and talk about for years to come!

Red is definitely the colour i get requested for the most - and done well, red can look magnificent againt white or ivory. But it needs to be done cleverly, so you don't look like a "football supporter" rather than a fashionable & chic bride! Of course, in other cultures, RED is THE wedding colour for brides (India, China & other parts of Asia) and also represents wealth, happiness and rich cultural its universally known as the "colour of love"!

For my bolder and more adventurous brides, this grand opportunity to wear their favourite colour on their wedding day - proudly & with much pizazz- is just irresistable! Over the years i have created exquisitely coloured weddings gowns in the deepest Purple, BLUES from soft pastel shades to deepest Midnight Blue, Silvers and Golds, Burnt Orange, Emerald Green, Peacock-inspired Teal, Hot Pink, and every shade of RED you can possibley imagine!

So, i hope that the ongoing trend for embracing colour in the realm of bridal fashion lives on, and that it becomes not just "unusual" but the "norm" in years to come!
Til next time,
xx Lisa
Top Left image of our bride Natalie, photo by
Second Top image of our silver lace bride Kristy, photo by
Third image of our stunning red bride Kiri, photo by
Fourth image of our retro-themed bride in blue, Belinda, shot by
Fifth image of our fabulous purple kimono bride Kirsten, photo by Hamilton Lund
Final image of our dramatic red kimono bride Paz, shot at the Chinese Gardens
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Trish said...

Love your work see my post here

Anonymous said...

I wanted to wear red so bad, but my mother has forbade it. Anyhow, maybe I can ease her mind by letting her know about cultures that do! I am having a Middle Eastern/Arabian Themed wedding. My mother approved of blue, but goodness grief I want RED!