Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oriental Inspired Wedding Gowns - our latest brides!

ABOVE:- Mel's beautiful, happy and colourful wedding day photos... Mel wore a Culture Bridal Couture fully custom-made Liquid Silk Satin "Obi Gown" with a stunning black, fuschia, gold & silver vintage Obi waistband and bustle/train. I LOVE these photos!

BELOW:- Corinne and Ryan's fun, relaxed and colourful wedding day- I love these photos too! Corinne wore a Culture Bridal Couture "Fifties Obi Frock" which was custom-made just for her, using a very funky vintage Japanese Obi. Touches of the fabulous 1950's, mixed with a whole lotta modern-day street cred from the guys - and of course, some Oriental inspiration too. Photos by Marions Photographics

Hello again and welcome back to my Culture Bridal Couture blog,

This week's window display in my new Rozelle studio features one of our most simple yet popular looks - our "Obi Gown" bridal design. The fitted, floor-length sheath dress is made from Ivory pure silk Dupion, and the beautiful gold and ivory brocade fabric is from an authentic vintage Japanese Obi, re-worked into a fitted "obi" waistband and detachable bustle/train. This is my own interpretation of the "East Meets West" concept, were we are inspired by, but not directly imitating, the beautiful fashions we see from Japan, China and other Asian cultures.

Every time we create this look, we use a different vintage obi or kimono (in any colour the bride desires!), and since no two vintage pieces are ever the same, it ensures that EVERY Obi or Kimono Gown we create is totally unique! For brides that want a Chinese influence, we source beautiful Chinese brocades to use as feature panels, for stunning long trains or contrasting waistbands, always in an elegant and understated way.

See the photos below for other recent Oriental-inspired wedding gowns we have created for our Couture brides within the last year... I just adore using vintage fabrics and splashes of bold colour to create truly original wedding gowns for my clients. It really brings home our idea of expressing your individuality within your wedding gown - and not being "just another bride in a white dress!"

Til next time, xx Lisa

ABOVE:- Karen's Culture Bridal Couture gown reflected her partner's Chinese heritage, and we sourced a stunning Red Satin phoenix & dragon brocade to use within her exclusively designed Couture gown. Photos by David Oliver Photography

Angela on her wedding day, wearing a Culture Bridal Couture "Silk Kimono Gown", featuring a cropped and tailored jacket re-worked from a truly beautiful authentic vintage silk kimono, and worn over a custom-made Ivory silk dress. Photo by Nicole Anderson Photography

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