Monday, August 1, 2011

Spring is nearly here!

At last - the cold weather seems to be disappearing, and it really does feel like Spring is in the air. Goodbye Winter and hello sunshine and warmth! I'm having fun decorating my Culture Bridal Couture shop window in our NEW studio here in Rozelle... this week I have displayed our gorgeous Ivory silk "Sophia" Fishtail wedding gown, embellished with appliqued lace and delicate handbeading, and surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms (yes, they are real) to welcome the coming Spring. I've also added some lighting to the windows, too - so it's all coming together nicely.

My young Schnauzer 'Miss Trixie' is enjoying visiting my new workplace, although these days she only comes in with me a couple of days a week, as she is getting used to being left at home now. She really loves sitting in the front wondow and watching the buses go by - see photos attached!

As always, our studio operates strictly "By Appointment Only" so that we can give each bride our full attention. So if you'd like to visit our new abode, just email or call to arrange a suitable time.

Til next time,
xx Lisa

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